A Big Toothy Critter caught on a Toothy Tuff Assault Eel

A Big Toothy Critter caught on a Toothy Tuff Assault Eel

James Stewart November 11, 2022

Myself, my brother, my nephew and our good friend Marcos Longoria all got together for a weekend fishing trip. The 4 of us have been fishing together for several years and we always have a great time together. We fish pretty hard but have a lot of laughs and eat really well. Marcos always wants to do all of the cooking and he says when he cooks "we go out"  So we take a break for lunch at a nearby restaurant and then go out for an evening meal when we are done fishing for the day. We have a ton of fun together.

We have a lot of stories over the years but maybe one of the best came from our last trip together. My nephew Jamie Martin caught a small Musky and lost an approximate 43" er at the side of the boat on a Martin jerk bait. We had 3 or 4 follows as the Muskies seemed to be somewhat active. There were a few other boats on the lake fishing for muskies and most of those fishermen were using Live Musky Sucker for bait instead of artificial lures. This was probably a very good plan by those fishermen as we get quite a few good reports of guys doing really well on Musky Suckers. We were not fishing in our local area and we didn't want to take time to try and track down some suckers and planned to just have 3 guys in our boat casting and one guy would rest a bit, kind of a rotation.


Since we had 3 guys casting and one guy sitting, and we didn't have any Muskie Suckers we decided to put a rod and reel in a rod holder just like we would with a Musky Sucker however we clipped on a Toothy Tuff Assault Eel instead of a Sucker since we didn’t have any. We left the reel engaged and the clicker engaged, setting the drag somewhat loosely. Our thinking was if a Musky hit the Toothy Tuff the drag was not set too tight so that it could run but set tighten enough to get a hook set. Believe it or not our plan worked. 


We were working a 12'-15' weed edge and moving slowly along with the trolling motor.  By moving at a slow speed, the tail of the bait was always moving. All of a sudden, we heard the clicker go off and looked down in the clear water and saw a really big Musky hooked on the Toothy Tuff Assault Eel. Marcos reeled in the Musky and it ended up measuring 50" on the nose. It was a beautiful ski. Marcos released her for another fisherman to have a chance at catching someday. 


Man, that was a fun weekend! Musky fishing, good friends and family, great food, that's close to as good as it gets.

I hope you have great fishing the next time you hit the water .

Good fishing and God Bless, Jim Stewart