Father's Day Favorites to Please Our Dad's

Father's Day Favorites to Please Our Dad's

Jodie Paul June 16, 2023

This Sunday is Father’s Day across the states and many will be celebrating dads, granddads, father figures, and friends. It’s a great time to highlight some perfect musky fishing favorites that might help your dad boat a trophy while saving them from the agony of opening another odd pair of printed socks. Those anglers celebrating Father’s Day with their loved ones will find that anything from this list of Musky Shop Favorites will improve their fishing game and prolong their musky hunting adventures.

First off, the deal of the week, Musky Shop is offering Daiwa Lexa WN reels for $50 off this weekend as a nod to the dads out there.  Daiwa Lexa WN offers dependable Paddle and Power Handle options to make sure all the bases are covered.  Daiwa’s introduction into the low-profile baitcasting game has been a huge success as they produce dependable reels with unbeatable stopping power.  Daiwa Lexa WN’s come in a great range of gear ratios to provide perfect speeds and accuracy for any angler whether fishing bucktails or hard baits.  These reels are built to perform and hold up well for years.

For hard baits this fishing season any dad would love a new Leo Lures Truck Topwater or Livingston Lures Titan.  The new Truck Topwater makes the ultimate wake, leaving competitors in the dust.  This interesting design takes topwater fishing to a whole new level and is guaranteed to pull up a shallow-water monster.  Livingston Lures Titan and Titan Junior are also bright new hard baits in the shallow and mid-depth game.  These dive-and-rise rockstars are made for those looking to add some finesse to their 10000th cast.  Titan and Titan Jr can be worked in a straight retrieve with jerks and pulls to get any musky hot under the collar and will earn offspring everywhere a well-earned hug from the dad who receives one.

If it’s an upscale bucktail you seek for the dad in your life, search no further than the Musky Mayhem Mini Grenade for some early-season success.  This superstar smacks on all levels.  It’s packin’ weight in the front and blades in the rear, giving muskies a little bit of everything they desire when it comes to the chase.  Grenades are great for the father who has a hundred bucktails but is desperate for something new.  Another enticing option is the Spanky Baits PugsleyPugsley comes with 8, 9, and 10-sized blades to get you the looks all season.  Pugsley’s provide plenty of thump and add a little something extra with their painted hard bodies to resemble a larger shapely snack.  Throw either of these dads’ way and earn their affection forever.

We can all admit that maybe our dads are behind the times with their 6’6” rods, so why not get your dad up to speed this week with a Musky Shop Shield RodShield Rods come in all sizes and their telescoping bodies let them ship all around the U.S.  These rods are made with tough backbones and adding new length will give your dad the figure 8 of his dreams.  We wouldn’t know fishing without them so why not go the extra mile and help them improve their cast?

Lastly, if your dad is like mine and has everything and more when it comes to all the gear, we still have you covered.  Musky Shop just added a treasure trove of new shirts, hats, hoodies, and merch for the makeover your dad deserves.  Let’s be honest, sometimes striking up a conversation about fishing with a complete stranger is all your dad wants to do, so why not give him a leg up as a walking billboard for musky fishing?  This Father’s Day is the perfect time to provide him with talking points for his next Home Depot encounter and that’s really the gift that keeps on giving.

All kidding aside, we hope you and your families have a wonderful Father’s Day this year and hope we can help direct you with any of your shopping or gifting needs.  We’ll be open for business so if you live nearby, hop in the car and let your dad pick out something special as there are a staff of folks here who would love to help and don’t mind a little fishing talk too.