North Woods Fishing Report: Early June

North Woods Fishing Report: Early June

James Stewart June 10, 2022

Fishing in the Northwoods of Wisconsin has been outstanding in the early part of the season. Crappies have been hanging in the 2'-6' range. We have not had enough warm weather to move them all in yet. If you concentrate your efforts fairly shallow, near any wood or weed growth, you should be able to find them. Kalin’s Crappie Scrubs have continued to be the ticket so far this spring. Two of our guides Al Frost, and Fred Palermo have been having great success using the scrubs. They will sometimes tip them with a Crappie Minnow or a piece of worm but most of the success has been just tying on the Crappie Scrub approximately 1' below the bobber and the Crappies can't resist. They love those things.


Walleye fishing has been good as well. Depending on the type of lake you are fishing, most of their locations have been relatively shallow thus far. In dark shallow lakes you will find them in the 2'10' range. A jig and an XL Fathead minnow have been a good way to go, but as the water warms slightly, eyes have also been hitting Leeches and Crawlers. As we move into summer and a bit warmer water the Leech and Crawler bite will most likely be a bit more affective over the Minnow bite. And depending on local weather condition, one will still need to find their location to be super successful. Currently however the dark shallow concentrate on the 2'-10' and deep clear lakes concentrates in the 6'-18' range.


There will most likely always be some Walleyes in the weeds and shallower structure and some hanging near the edge and off of the edges gobbling up what moves by. In the deep clear lakes Blacktail Chubs work really well along with Rapala Rip N Raps, Rapala Jig n Raps, and crankbaits such as Rapala F-9's and F-11's and Rapala Shad Raps in a variety of colors. We have a ton of these items in stock so if you happen to be in  the area, it would be a good idea to have a few different colors and sizes to help you be successful when you hit the water. Some other good offerings would be Husky Jerks and Rattlin' & Rippin' Rapalas.

Now for Muskies! Wahoo! Man, it's so much fun going Musky fishing, and fishing has been very good thus far this season. Our water temps in Oneida and Vilas County have been in the upper 50's to mid-60's depending on the type of lake. So far, the darker shallower lakes have been a bit more productive. Most of the skies are done spawning but some are just finishing, and some have been done for several days. So, with that musky's are in a bit of transition from spawn to the edges to recoup and feed.

For location you will want to get out on the water and feel your way along. This is not daunting, I would say consider to start shallow with small to medium bucktails: Bucher 700's, Hooked on Musky Baits 7/8 Bomb, RJ bucktails , 4" & 6" Phantoms.

When you're feeling your way along if you are not seeing any skies working shallow, then move out to the edge and work that next level casting near the weed edges. Most likely in the early part of the season, Muskies will be moving from the shallows to the edges and as water temps warm there will be an open water bite that will begin, but we need some warmer water for that bite to develop.

Those early season edge fish will hit a variety of baits. Some good ones to consider would be 4.5" & 6" Sandcats or Livingston Lures Viper 6". Put a little plan together before you head out to your favorite lake or lakes and that will definitely help you begin to pattern Muskies and catch some hogs. 

 Please stop by the Musky Shop or contact us as any of our staff members will be happy to assist you in being successful. Another great way to cut the learning curve is to connect with one of our fishing guides. They are all pros and have a great handle on many of the lakes that populate the Northwoods and stay on top local fish locations, movements. and feeding patterns.

"If You Don't Know Ask A Pro" 

Again, holler or stop by if we can help, we would love to serve you.