This read inspires the “Next Level” in “Musky Fishing”

This read inspires the “Next Level” in “Musky Fishing”

Musky Shop October 16, 2023

Years ago I was asked to write a review for “Better Birding: Tips, Tools, and Concepts for the Field.”

I’m sure the only reason I was asked is that a couple years prior I had written an essay for “BirdWatching,” a national magazine, on how in my 50’s I got hooked on the hobby, and I guess that essay is some people’s mind made me some kind of expert, which I wasn’t then and am still not.

Reading Steven Paul’s new book “Next Level Musky Fishing” reminded me of “Better Birding” because what both have in common is that they are more in-depth than a basic primer.

If you were just starting to be a birdwatcher, your money would be better spent buying a basic field guide that “Better Birding,” which is focused on differentiating birds that are hard to tell apart, and I am guessing if you are just starting to fish muskies, there are several books you might want to read first before tackling “Next Level.”

But I’m also sure at some point in your musky journey, if you really want to hook and land the big ones, you are going to read “Next Level.”

In his preface, Paul relays the motivation for his book:

“Over the years, I have tried to consume as much musky fishing information as I could get my hands on. From old VHS tapes, magazines, and tracking studies to attending seminars and picking the minds of successful anglers, I have attempted to be a consummate student of muskies.

“My constant desire is to learn as much as possible regarding muskellunge is a never-ending quest that has allowed me to form relationships with some of the greatest anglers in the sport of musky fishing, a fact that I am eternally grateful for.

“However, at a certain point, my endless study of all thing musky fishing brought me to the conclusion that most of the materials I could get my hands on were all re- treads of the same basic skills. Countless articles on figure eights (the motion to make with a lure before retrieving into the boat in case a musky is following it), leader choice, bucktails, top water tactics, how to fish weed beds during summer, and the like seem to be the status quo regarding musky information.

(Read this Write UP by  in the Sawyer County Record)