Phantom Hex (3 Sizes)

$49.99 $64.99
SKU: 520-013-02
Individually hand painted, factory tuned and tank tested, the Hex combines an erratic, subsurface walk that gets crazier the faster you troll it.
Deadly at any speed, the Hex offers a mammoth unpredictable wander up to 5.5 mph for the 7.5",  2’ to 3’ side to- side, unpredictable wander up to 4.5 mph for the 10” Hex, and 6.5 mph for the 12” Hex. Ideal for covering giant tracts of open water for those suspended toads, yet the oversized anodized aluminum lip makes it very durable when slammed into deep rock piles, reefs, or weed beds.
12" 11.6oz. 520-012
10" 7.6oz.   520-013
7.5" 5.0 oz. 520-014