Headbanger Shad

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SKU: 520-149-01
Combining the erratic and evasive Headbanger movement with the fish-like characteristics of the fixed exchangeable paddle tail, the Headbanger Shad is a predator teaser with an action that no other lure can offer. It works really well with a simple straight retrieve, but excels when used with pauses and small twitches. The suspending version is a great allround choice and ideal for the fishing on 5-8 foot depths. It hangs beautifully in the water during pauses. A hot tip is to pause the lure with a small twitch, which will make the lure turn 90 degrees to the side and face any following predator and no doubt produce a strike.
9"  float  1.7oz. 520-149
9"  susp. 1.8oz. 520-150