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Phantom Freak

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Individually hand painted, factory-tuned and tank tested, the Phantom Freak is straight-line, surface weaponry. A unique, custom-tunable, double-bladed tail section churns water like and outboard with a rapid-fire chatter that sounds like a squirrel during mating season. It's irresistibly loud, thanks in part to our engineers who've designed the front hook to make periodic contact with the blades. Built torture-tough from a high-impact resin that fishes like maple with a new, unbendable wire, the Freak's a proven threat when paralleling weediness and timber, ripped over points or put on cruise control over submerged weed tops to 15' deep. Fish it fast for a higher pitch, or slow for deep, bass thump action. Also, hold on.
8" w/hooks, 2.5 oz