Big Fork Sand Cat Series Jerkbait 6" Model


SKU: 420-125-05

Designed and developed by Thomas LaBeau, the Sand Cat is truly unique among dive/rise jerkbaits. What sets it apart from others is the way it works during the dive and rise phases. When it descends on the dive it has a most profound wobble action and on the rise it exhibits a distinct body roll motion. These actions are achieved by special weighting that is equally placed on either side of the horizontal center line of the lure. The 4-1/2” and 6” models are ideal for working weed tops and shallow structure in the 1’-3’ range. The 8” and 10” models dive deeper (2’-4’) for working edges of weeds and rocky shorelines. Cedar wood bodies, multi layered paint schemes and triple epoxy coating puts these baits in a class all by themselves.

6"  2.0oz