Spit Fire Musky Bama Alabama Rig


SKU: 320-322-01

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The Musky Bama is the only Alabama rig made specifically for muskies. With its 5 arm design, the Musky Bama mimics a school of bait fish making it the perfect lure for early season use and during cold fronts when muskies will only target small prey.

The secret behind The Musky Bama is its ability to present muskies with multiple downsize targets and turn out the thump and vibration to pull muskies in and hold a muskies attention. Musky Bama comes with two #8 Colorado blades and 3 pre rigged 5 1/2" swimbaits.

But the magic of the Musky Bama is its modular design, allowing anglers to pair it with their favorite soft plastics and swimbaits.

These are so good they may be outlawed in your state...check your local regs!

13" with tail  3.3oz.