Savage Gear 3D Burbot Tube


SKU: 420-702-01

Based on the 3D Scan of a real burbot, this lure stands out with superb realistic details. The Hollow tube collapses when the Predator fish bite down on it, exposing the hooks for perfect hookup. The tentacles move with lively shimmer as the lure moves thru the water. The Jointed inner harness design is perfected for the pull and sink action and gets hot both on retrieve and fall. The tail blade, rotates and send out vibration and flash great generating super hard strikes. The belly disc can be removed, transforming the lure from a fast sink to a moderate sink!
• 3D scanned details
• 1.4mm jointed inner stainless-steel harness
• Adjustable sink rate, removeable belly disc
• Built in rattle
• Collapsable tube body
• SGY 3X BN carbon steel trebles
• X-strong forged stainless steel split rings

10"  6.7oz.