Spanky Baits Whiplash Junior


SKU: 320-689-01

The Whiplash Jr. offers a (3) skirt profile with plenty of attractants for big fish.  The front/upper clevis blade is a magnum 8/0 .040" thick while the rear swivel blade is the brand new, exclusive 10/0 Indiana .040" thick blade.  This is an amazing casting bait and perfect for trolling.

These lures have a crazy action that attract fish in a big way. The vibration of the new clevis blade along with the thump of the rear swivel blade combined with the visual addiction of the Flashabou makes this a lure that will go down in history.

  • Each bait is handmade in the USA!
  • 10" long
  • Heaviest stainless steel through wire you will find on any muskie lure.
  • 6 skirt assembly with Over 120 color tail patterns made with high quality, commercial flashabou.
  • Front hook is a Super Durable 7/0 with a 7/0 rear treble hook
  • Nickel-plated hardware.
  • 7.5oz