Be Inspired to Catch a Monster

Be Inspired to Catch a Monster

Jodie Paul May 29, 2023

Terrible fishing days are more fact than fiction when it comes to seeking musky.  Days can turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, when you’re trying to locate a monster.  On the Musky Shop social media and website, we are always posting pictures sent in from anglers all over the habitat range of the Muskellunge.  Some pictures are of anglers’ personal bests and some are just a singular prized catch that took place along their fishing journey.  Sharing information about how to catch muskies can be oversimplified or overcomplicated, so it’s important to note that anglers are among friends in this journey to tackle this fickle beast.

Every year like clockwork thousands of travelers and fishermen/women flock to the Northwoods of Wisconsin to catch a mighty musky.  Many are attempting the impossible as it might be their first time holding a rod, while some are following up on years-long traditions.  No matter how folks get here or what their intentions are, we always hope to help them find lakes and rivers that produce. 

When you come to Minocqua or many of the surrounding cities, it’s always important to set your sites low.  Muskies did not get the nickname “fish of 10000 casts” for no reason.  It literally can take years before you hook into your first musky.  This fish is a lake apex predator; therefore, it has the biggest case of lockjaw.  Unlike those throwing the lures, these fish have the patience of Job.  They get to lay in wait all day for the perfect window and lure of choice. 

Muskies are not finicky to test us; I promise.  They, unfortunately, just hold all the cards and are also waiting for their perfect moment.  So, it’s important for anglers to change the way they view catching a musky.  You have to start telling yourself that you’ve been “CHOSEN”.  Every angler that hits the lake is casting a multitude of lures in various colors, shapes, and patterns.  These fish have seen the kitchen sink by 9 am; therefore, it’s time to set the record straight.  If you get your opportunity, and land a musky during your trip, you, in fact, have been chosen by the fishing fates to receive this very special gift.

Of course, it’s difficult, but once you catch the gift of the musky, you’re hooked so to speak.  You will forever want to catch the muskies and they may even invade your dreams.  Short story, long, let this be a lesson that serves as a bit of inspiration this season when you fly, drive, or walk into the Northwoods of Wisconsin and wade, drive, or paddle out to make your first cast on that reflection of heaven.  The fish of 10000 casts is waiting to give you a gift: a photo of a spectacular moment.  You were chosen by nature to have a great day and share that with others.  Find comfort that if you aren’t chosen this trip, you might find the luck another time.  And always, in the good spirit of fishing, share your special memories on the water with friends and help them create some luck.

Good Luck This Fishing Season to All of our Northwoods Guests and Friends