Best Illinois Fishing Spots For Muskie

Best Illinois Fishing Spots For Muskie

Musky Shop August 07, 2023

Think Illinois isn't a prime spot for fishing muskie? Think again! You don't have to travel to Missouri or Wisconsin to find the best spots for fishing muskie in the Midwest. Some of the best spots to fish muskie are right here in Illinois. Not only are they in Illinois, they are all over Illinois! North, South, East, West & Central - all parts of Illinois have prime spots to fish muskie. Below are some of the spots I believe are worth a visit when chasing this elusive fish of 10,000 casts.

Evergreen Lake - Bloomington/Normal, IL

Central Illinois

Evergreen Lake is just north of Bloomington / Normal. It's closest town is the small town of Kappa, IL. Evergreen Lake is a prime spot for fishing largemouth bass and muskie. Many Central Illinois residents are surprised to hear they can drive less than an hour from their homes for a chance of catching a 40 inch muskie.

The lake is just shy of 1000 acres (~925). The lake is stocked annually with 100s of muskie, with some years stocking almost 1000, and has been stocked with muskie since 1990. Fish samples from the state regularly find muskie from 30 inches in length to 40+ inches. You can also camp at Comlara County Park, the park where Evergreen Lake is located.

Shabbona Lake - Shabbona, IL

North Central Illinois

Shabbona Lake has produced trophie muskie in Illinois for such a long time that it is often crowned to be the "Muskie Capitol" of Illinois. It is located in Shabbona State Park and many Illinois records have been earned at Shabbona Lake. Likewise, it is possible to catch a muskie that is 40+ inches in length.

Shabbona lake boasts 1500+ acres of water. It was manmade in 1974, so it's "been around" for awhile. It's just west of Chicago (off of US 30) which makes it a great escape for urban Illinois anglers.

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