Catch 'Em with Spinners A Musky Favorite

Catch 'Em with Spinners A Musky Favorite

Jodie Paul May 15, 2023

Musky opener is right around the corner in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and even though other areas are already tacking their musky fishing seasons, we’re still patiently waiting.  While we wait, it is a great time to discuss some of our favorite bucktail and spinnerbait styles that will get you fishing without breaking the bank.

Bucktails or in-line spinners are a favorite among musky gurus and novices alike as they are remarkably easy to cast and retrieve.  For new anglers, they are one of the most adaptable baits when making the switch from multispecies into the realm of super-sized musky tackle.  When it comes to in-line spinners, there are definitely subtle differences that make each bait unique for various situations and ease of use.

Starting off with in-line spinners, there are three blade configurations used by musky anglers to get fish in the net.  First, the single-blade in-line spinner.  There are a ton of options for single-blade in-line spinners from Mepps Giant Killers to Buchertail Willow Tin Bucks.  These single-blade baits are great for early spring and summer presentations.  They are a perfect throwback lure when you need to downsize to get a musky’s attention. These spinners can come with any of the variants of blades for more wide and narrow presentations underwater.  Each blade gives off its own unique thump and wash and can be presented fast or slow without failing.

Second, on the list would be double-bladed in-line spinners, like Musky Mayhem Double Cowgirls or ESOX Assault EA-S9s.  These dual-bladed in-lines produce a little more thump under the water and can sometimes take a more expert hand to get started.  (Note to novices: Start reeling as your lure hits the water, don’t wait or you will have to give it a pull start on occasion to get the blades churning.) These double-bladed lures make a slightly larger presentation underwater and are great for quick presentations.  They are a bit heavier and can usually fish shallow to mid-depth with no problem and are a perfect choice for mid-summer.

Finally, stagger-bladed spinners are a more recent craze when it comes to in-lines.  These are double-bladed spinners with varying-sized blades, for example, a #8 and #9 blade, like the Musky Frenzy Stagger 8/9s or Spanky Lil’ Angry 8/9s.  These stagger-bladed lures put out the most thump and require the surest hand to use.  Once you get going with these lures, you may never turn back as they create the most “injured” look underwater and can really pull up neutral muskies with their oddly moving wobble.  They make a great addition to any tackle box and can be a lifesaver on a lousy day.

Next in spinners is the safety pin style.  These spinners come in a variety of blade configurations from singles to multi-staggered and are uniquely situated for tight cover.  Blade baits like Acebaits Tandem Original, Booyah Blade Double Willow, and Figure 8 The Boss fall into this category.  Safety pin style spinners are great for all types of weeded or wooded cover and the blades move regardless of how you start.  Keep some of these spinners around when you need an ace up your sleeve because they can easily be modified for various weighting and depth targets.

Last in the spinner lineup are the custom spinners.  Lures like Bite Back Spinnerbaits with their pinwheel design blade fall into this category.  These makers have invested the time to come up with their own unique blade variations that can be a great tools in all situations.  Every blade thumps differently and these types of blades are all perfectly balanced and easy to use for both novices and experts.  They are great for mixing up presentations or casting back when other spinners weren’t hot.

Despite beginning around for generations, spinnerbaits are still a great tool for putting you on muskies regardless of weather, water, or season.  It’s always important to keep up with the newest and wider varieties so you are creating the most thump and enticing the most fish.  These baits are great for starting and ending the season because they come in the most sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations and are the least painful on the pocketbook.  Check out Musky Shop’s awesome collection of bucktails and spinnerbaits for more in-stock varieties.