North Woods Fishing Report: Early March

North Woods Fishing Report: Early March

James Stewart March 04, 2022

As we get into March, our ice fishing season in terms of gamefish is coming to an end with the season ending March 6th. One can still fish for panfish but the season does close for gamefish March 6th. It was a great season for Walleye and Pike as there were a lot of people fishing and many great reports . Lots of fun times and good eating... 

Ice conditions are decent as the ice is around 24" on most lakes; however, it is kind of difficult getting around on the ice due to snow cover. Don't let that stop you though because the panfish bite is going well. A friend of the shop caught a mess of Perch and had a ball doing it.

For those who want to fish for gamefish to end the season you will want to consider heading out with Large Golden Shiners, Walleye Suckers and some Northern Pike Mix. Enjoy the close of the gamefish season and some great table fare. 

For panfish Rosy Reds, Crappie minnows, and fatheads are a must for live minnows. Small plastics such as the Ratso, and Maki Plastic Fatheads are recommended by guide and staff member Fred Palermo tipped with a wax worm. Red Spikes and White Spikes are also must for late season Crappies, Gills, and Perch. 

Another item to consider is the Livingston Bullet. A friend of the shop shared a story where he and some buddies were out fishing and were seeing a bunch of fish on the Electronics but couldn't get them to bite. So they put on the Livingston Bullet and caught a ton of fish. Pretty cool huh, they were quite happy.

Some locations to look for gamefish would be weed and weed edges but deeper weeds and edges are the best right now. Try the 12'-18'edges if possible or just off of the edges adjacent to the weedlines in 20'-25'.

Panfish location is weed and wood related. You will want to concentrate on the 8'-14' weed, and weed-edge and you can find some wood mixed in all the better. 
Open water River Fishing is legal to fish near and I believe south of Tomahawk Wi. Please check the Wisconsin regulations but guide and staff member Al Frost always does some river walleye fishing to get the boat out and enjoys some marble eyes.

Dress warm if you head to the river but it can be a ton of fun.
Enjoy your time on the ice or the water. 
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