Musky Shop Northwoods Lake of the Month: Annabelle Lake

Musky Shop Northwoods Lake of the Month: Annabelle Lake

Jodie Paul November 20, 2023

If you’re heading to the Northwoods for fall or ice fishing, don’t hesitate to add Annabelle Lake to your visitation bucket list.  Regardless of the time of year, Annabelle Lake delivers on all of our favorite catch and release and game fish.  It is a great all-seasons lake to enjoy.  Resting very near the Michigan border, Annabelle Lake has everything you’re looking for in a day out fishing.  It’s surrounded by the beautiful natural wilderness areas that look amazing year around.  Prepare to feel secluded and surrounded at the same time while visiting “Wisconsin’s Last Wilderness.”

Annabelle Lake is 194 acres of pristine clear water.  It has good numbers of winter game fish for ice fishing as well as a good population of muskies to target during the season.  Due to its easy to travel size, it’s great for watercraft and kayak alike.  It has a good deal of vegetation lining its shores with an average shoreline depth of 3-8 feet, so if you didn’t want to use conventional tackle, fly fishing is also optional here.

On its Northern side, Annabelle features a public boat launch with a single lane slightly narrow launch area.  The area is gravel, so I wouldn’t recommend any heavy haulers!  As Annabelle is a small lake, feel free to bring your Jon or Bass Boat as they would fit like a glove on this hidden gem.  Though there are lake houses around, it doesn’t hurt the picturesque nature of the area.  They are well hidden by the trees on every bank.  Please make sure if you do use the launch that you check out the preferred parking method, as you might encounter disgruntled locals if you don’t practice good parking etiquette.

Now on to the good stuff.  Annabelle Lake is a pretty clear lake so if targeting shallow muskies, take it slow and hold to the outer edges.  The shoreline all around is great for casting as well those outer 9-12 ledges.  Several inside islands live in the middle of Annabelle which can be perfect for finding some good timber to cast.  There are all types of game fish a foot in this lake so the day will never be boring if you’re just looking for sport.

Annabelle Lake is particularly great for ice fishing as well.  Though the bottom is not very rocky, there are some great deep lake holes and structural edges that are great for winter fishing.  The lake is known to freeze up well due to its size and nature so it can be a popular spot for augers! 

If you make it out to Annabelle Lake for musky fishing be sure to sport plenty of natural colors.  Being surrounded on all sides by a natural wind barrier gives this lake a calm surface for much of the year.  In these scenarios bringing a bag of flash can sometimes spook more fish than it attracts.  Highly recommended choosing some unassuming natural forage color baits along with some dark surface baits to draw some welcome musky attention.  If you make the time to stop by Annabelle Lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, you most certainly will not be disappointed.  It’s good fishing, great vistas, and a chance at a trophy musky.