Musky Shop Lake of the Month: Lower Kaubashine Lake

Musky Shop Lake of the Month: Lower Kaubashine Lake

Jodie Paul May 22, 2023

Bring your Jon boats, kayaks, canoes, and rafts to Lower Kaubashine Lake, Musky Shop’s Lake of the Month.  Lower Kaubashine Lake, outside the town of Hazelhurst in Oneida County, is everything you hope for and more when it comes to small waterways, beautiful vistas, convenient rentals, and outstanding fishing.  This 198-acre U-shaped waterway is jam-packed with excellent fishing opportunities including northern pike, largemouth, walleye, panfish, and most importantly: musky. 

Lower Kaubashine Lake features a mix of sand, gravel, and muck bottom throughout, most commonly muck and is considered a “Class A” lake to target muskies.  This spring-fed beauty is mostly clear with a few deep holes and nice 10’ deep edges.  There are several areas with wood and weeds to target and shallow zones to keep you busy while working around the sides of the lake.

Unlike some of the more complex, feature-filled lakes of the Northwoods, Lower Kaubashine Lake is a simple progression of working the shallows and deeper edges around the lake.  You might get some pointers from locals about the best “spots”, but they are easily figured out by pluggin’ around the U until you meet an empty mouth.  If you are looking to do some fishing in Lower Kaubashine Lake, take plenty of natural-colored lures.  The water as mentioned is on the clear side, so hot colors are not always neaded.

Lower Kaubashine Lake is great for vacationers as it has several nearby resorts, such as Black’s Cliff Resort and Hilltop Cottages.  You can even stay at Hazelhurst Inn, a small and superb bed and breakfast in town.  Though the launch at Lower Kaubashine Lake is more of a slide for kayaks and small watercraft, the folks at Hilltop Cottages have a boat ramp that can be utilized by larger boats for a fee (please verify this information prior to arriving).

If you’re a first-time traveler to this part of Wisconsin, you might want to know that the area surrounding Hazelhurst is thought of as the “Quiet Side of the Northwoods.”  This title is well earned as this area for visitors is not only beautiful, but also has a small-town vibe focused on outdoor activity rather than indoor fun.  Locals and travelers alike enjoy the beauty of all of the surrounding lakes, ponds, trails, and more with little fuss.  It’s a perfect environment for families shedding the fast pace of the city and ready to enjoy the freshness and green space around them.

So if you are planning your trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, make a stop in at Lower Kaubashine Lake.  You might catch the musky of a lifetime, and you’ll definitely thank us later for the beautiful water and relaxing day.  Don’t forget to stop by the Musky Shop on the way for all of your tackle needs!!