Musky Shop North Woods Fishing Report: Early February

Musky Shop North Woods Fishing Report: Early February

James Stewart February 10, 2023

Greetings Everyone,

From all of us at The Musky Shop we hope this finds you well and all of you are having a great winter. We sure appreciate each one of you for your business and support. We definitely would not be here without you and it is our honor to serve you.

Ice fishing has been great this season. We have had a few really cold days that slowed things down a bit but that cold blast is gone now and warmer winter temps are on the way. Some of our younger staff members Tyler, Casey, and Ethan have been doing a lot of Ice fishing as well as staff member and guide Fred Palermo. Many customers have been stopping at the shop for live bait and fishing supplies have also been catching a lot of fish.


Most of the Walleyes have been caught using Medium and Large Golden Shiners and Walleye Suckers. Tipdowns and tipups are working great as well as jigging for most species. Tyler, Casey, and Ethan all caught a big batch of really nice Crappies jigging Cast Master spoons. The bite was hot enough that they didn't even tip the spoons with anything.  Though it's always a good idea to take some Wax Worms, Red Spikes and White Spikes along with when you hit the ice as  fish’s moods can change throughout the day or evening. Sometimes it's necessary to tip your spoon or jig with a wax worm, spike or minnow head but there again, not always necessary. 


There are good reports of Crappies being caught over mud flats in 10'-12'. As well as good reports of Walleyes on the weed edges in that 12'-18' range. Walleye Suckers, Medium and Large Goldens have been very effective. The Eyes can be finicky sometimes as one day they want shiners and the next day they want a sucker so it's never a bad idea to take some of both when you get out.

Northern Pike fishing has been very good on most lakes. The Rainbow and Willow Flowages have an abundance of pike as well as great fishing for panfish and Walleyes too. A lot of pike has been being caught using tipups and tipdowns on Northern Pike minnows and Large Goldens. Most in the 8'-12' weeds.

 The ice conditions have improved quite a bit here in Oneida county. Ice travel isn't too bad as far as snow cover and slush. The slush has pretty well gone away however we have a bit of a warm front on the way so there may begin to be a bit more slush out there but hopefully not too bad. Most lakes have 18"-20" of good ice. 


We have a very good selection of fresh live bait in good cold well water as well as waxies, spikes, and ice fishing tackle. Please stop by The Musky Shop or contact us if you need any information or fishing supplies as it truly would be our honor to serve you.

Good Fishing and God Bless, Jim Stewart