Musky Shop North Woods Fishing Report: Early October

Musky Shop North Woods Fishing Report: Early October

James Stewart October 07, 2022

Welcome to fall everyone! Fall for many is a favorite time of year. The colors can be brilliant and beautiful in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and fishing during the change can be amazing.

Fall Musky fishing has been quite good as has Crappie fishing, Walleye fishing, and Bass fishing.  Water temps are dropping as we progress through the fall with the temps being in the high 50's to low 60's depending your lake. 

Muskies are still shallow and most of the reports we are getting from our guide staff and our customers is most all the Muskies being caught are from shoreline to the first weed or structural edge. Almost every year we hear reports of some really skies caught in 2'-3' of water. 


So now that we know their location, Muskies can be caught on a variety of Musky lures. 

Spinner baits such as Rad Dogs, and Ace Baits or Bucktails such as Hooked On Musky Baits, and Musky Mayhem are very good anytime but really shine when Muskies are locating shallow. 

Jerk baits and glide baits such as the Titan, and Phantoms are really great to target them as well

Surface baits that are really productive in fall are the Smity Top Kick and Suick Nitewalker and don't forget to use shallow crankbaits as well. Cranks can deadly when fished properly. Crane Baits, and H2O tackle' Cranky Nitro Shallow are a must for the tackle box.


All of the above-mentioned Muskie baits are outstanding baits to use when Muskies are shallow. Work theses baits from shoreline to the outside of the first structural edge. For the proper technique, work the baits just above the structure you are fishing weather it's rock, gravel, or weeds. We know that the majority of skies are shallow so work the baits in and around cover and you will most likely have success. It will require some feel so that you're not constantly tangled in weeds but choose and work the baits properly in these conditions and again, the results can be staggering. 

Live Musky Suckers are always a good idea to bring along when you hit the water. You will want to position your boat just outside of the weed edge and cast up into the shallow water this way your Musky Suckers aren't getting tangled in weeds or twigs. If the Musky Suckers are getting tangled then you are wasting time so keep them on the edge or above any structure you’re fishing.


As previously mentioned, Walleye fishing and pretty much all fishing has been really good. Walleye's, Bass and Panfish are all shallow as well. Live bait such as Walleye Suckers, XL Fatheads, Redtails and Nightcrawlers using slip bobbers is a very good technique.  Kalin's Crappie Scrubs are great tipped with a waxworm or nigh crawler are outstanding for Crappies and panfish. 

Rapala Husky Jerk 14's are a great choice for multiple species of fish including Muskies. Uncle Josh has a new item on the market that is something you will want to consider: Sea Rinds. These rinds are great attachments to any lure.  If Bass is a target spices for you in fall here are a couple of good lure choices that are always quite productive: C.S. Lures Spinnerbaits and Northland Reed Runner Tandem Spin.

If you have questions on any of this or if you're planning on a trip to Northern WI please stop and see us or feel free contact us through email. It will be our pleasure to serve you. "If You Don't Know Ask A Pro"

Our Musky Shop Guide Service has been quite busy but we can almost always find a guide for you if you want to cut the learning curve or leave the boat at home this time around. They can even supply the equipment if so desired. Our guides are having a Fantastic Autumn and it too would be their pleasure to serve you: Musky Shop Guide Service  or 715-513-7700

Well, that's it for now. We wish each of you a terrific fall and hope you all have great fishing.

Good Fishing and God Bless,

Jim Stewart