Musky Shop Northwood's Fishing Report: Late September

Musky Shop Northwood's Fishing Report: Late September

James Stewart September 22, 2023

We hope all of you are having a great fall. Currently, here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, we are experiencing some warmer air temps in the mid to upper 70's. With the water air temps, we are being asked by our customers what does that do to the fish. Our guide and staff member Al Frost and I just had a nice conversation with a customer and Al and I agreed that we think the fish will stay shallow even with warmer temperatures. Most of the action thus far for our guide staff and customers when seeing and catching muskies has been very shallow, literally from the shoreline out to the first structural edge. Docks, boat stations, downed timber, weed, or rock that is shallow all can hold muskies. 


If you are on a lake where the weed edge starts at let's say 8 feet and runs out to 15 feet then by all means fish the inside of that weed edge. The majority of muskies are going to be shallow. I think there will always be a few Muskies near the outside and out of the edge, but I think most of them will be shallow. Again, don't be afraid to throw right up to the shoreline.

As for baits, really anything you can work over the top and through the structure without getting debris every cast will catch Muskies. Get your bait in their face and you can score big. Every year we hear of really big muskies caught this time of year in 1 to 3 feet of water. Some baits to consider as well would be the Manta glide bait, Smuttly Dog glide baits, and Jerkbaits like the Hawg Seeker Rattle Hawg. The Rattle Hawg can be worked subsurface or on the surface. This baby has Great action and is widely overlooked. The Poe's Giant Jackpot might be the best big fish bait of all time. It seems like for whatever reason big muskies respond to this bait. The Jackpot is incredible at pulling up Big Fish!


Switching gears a bit to walleye and panfish, our guide staff has been crushin' it for those species. Captain Matt Raley and Captain Tim (the mayor) Ives had a group of guys for 3 full days on the water and man did they catch a bunch of nice walleye, crappies, and perch. All of the guys had a ball and took home a lot of fish for some fun fish fries. They caught everything on a variety of Night Crawlers, Walleye Suckers, XL Fatheads, and Jig N Raps.


Matt, Tim, and our entire guide staff do their best to keep up with fish locations, their movements, and what they are hitting on.

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We wish you all a great fall and please let us know if we can be of service to you as it will be our pleasure. "If you don't know Ask A Pro"

Good Fishing and God Bless, Jim Stewart