North Woods Fishing Report: Early November

North Woods Fishing Report: Early November

James Stewart October 29, 2021

As we move further into fall the wall of colder temperatures have moved in and those temperatures put the ache in your casting arm, but fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel because we've got some tips this week that might help you put a musky in your net during a smaller, more productive window.

North Woods temps have sunk into the 40's outside, but water temps still remain in the mid to low 50's; low 50's on smaller lakes and mid 50's on the larger bodies of water. The larger deep clear lakes seem to have turned over, while some of the smaller ones are still in the process.  Remaining turnover lakes have still been quite productive in producing fish in those early morning hours when presented with the right opportunity.  Fish are hanging right on the edge of the weeds finally pulling away from the last of the shallows. 

Most of the successful bites have been made on slowly fishing glides and jerks.  As it gets colder we move to Manta's, Phantom's and Lynch Um's for a powerful slow glide.  Alternatively using Suick's and Smity's for the fish hanging in the upper water columns.  Many fishermen are finding success on suckers as well.  See our sucker rigging video for help on setting up those successful live rigs.

Check back with us in mid-November for more updates on tactics and baits that are putting our guides on the fish this year.

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