Talking Tackle Storage with Musky Shop

Talking Tackle Storage with Musky Shop

Jodie Paul March 31, 2023

Though this might be seen as a sneaky plug for our many tackle box vendors, it’s important to note that some folks might wonder what makes a great tackle box during this weekend's sale. We’ve got you covered in that regard because we’ve encountered many variations in tackle storage, and there are plenty of dos and don’ts.  So, let’s get started.

As many anglers don’t have a permanent home on their vessel for tackle storage, or you fish with friends more often than not, tackle boxes are a must for toting along the unbelievable amount of lures you’ll need for a day on the water.  If you are dialed in on a specific lure choice and color, god bless you, but most of us are in flux and need an assortment on any given day or lake.  This, my friends, is when the all-mighty tackle box comes into its own, bringing organizational nightmares to bear.

Though most anglers have their favorites, weighing out options is always best. So, let’s take an in-depth look at the boxes carried by Musky Shop and sort out the optimal features. With this in mind, we’ll make a list to give you the gist. For the BIGGEST tackle boxes, Musky Shop carries five models with varying features: Lakewood Monster, Reck ‘n’ Rack Musky, Reck ‘n’ Rack Night Prowler Lighted Musky, Reck ‘n’ Rack Troller, and Flambeau Maximizer.  These extra-large boxes are well-made and perfect for storage, but some differences exist.

Lakewood Monster is the most portable of the lot, lightweight, with comfortable handles and a canvas exterior, perfect for boat hopping and travel.  Flambeau Maximizer is also great for portability but built more like an old-school box, with a rigid plastic handle and sides.  The supersized Reck ‘n’ Rack Boxes are all great for more permanent applications.  These boxes weigh no less than 17 lbs. but stay put in extreme weather on the water, and one model, Night Prowler, comes with interior lights for those who love the late evening bite.  Only the Lakewood Monster features “extra” storage on the sides for conveniently storing tools and rigs.  All these boxes are over 24” long and 14” tall for storing the most extensive assortment of lures.

The next group of tackle boxes would be considered medium-sized: 18-20” long and 13”+ tall.  Musky Shop carries the Lakewood Medium, Plano 7915, and Lakewood Upright.  These Lakewood’s have the same features as the Monster: extra storage, great portability, and canvas sides.  The Upright is a little thinner for taking up less floor space. The Plano 7915 gives us that dad-vibe with the standard older-style plastic box, sturdy and built to last. Each will carry a large assortment of lures, but you’ll likely be leaving your trolling lures at home.

After the medium boxes, you get into a few variations of narrowly focused boxes from Lakewood and Reck ‘n’ Rack.  There is the Lakewood Junior, a smallish alternative to the previous sizes. Lakewood also makes two ultra-specified boxes: Shallow Invader Case and Spinnerbait Box.  These come in handy if you carry standard to small cranks or spinnerbaits and are built with that same excellent quality.  Reck ‘n’ Rack makes a unique Traveler Box, far more portable and lightweight than its larger cousins.  It has a hard plastic handle and solid build, great for heavy travel and rough days on the water.


Lakewood makes the Pedestal Pal for under-seat variations, while Reck ‘n’ Rack has the Underboss for this capacity.  Of these two options, it comes down to function.  If portability is essential, Lakewood is the ultimate contender with a shoulder strap and lightweight frame.  If you want your under-seat box to stay in place, the Reck ‘n’ Rack box is a master in not budging while carrying your load.  Both boxes have extra storage for odds and ends.

Outside of the main musky-sized options, Musky Shop carries an assortment of Plano flats, like 3730s and 3731s, which can be neatly stowed in some of our soft-sided Daiwa Backpacks or Tackle Barns.  These Daiwa options are great for heavy travel as they can be stowed almost anywhere and have enough space to pack a few pairs of clean socks! 

Of all the boxes carried by the Musky Shop, we never pick a favorite.  Each tackle box preference is unique to the fisherman.  Each box has a purpose and can be better or worse for a given scenario.  We highly recommend all of our brands as they all come guaranteed by our suppliers and will continue to keep our musky lures organized and at the ready for many fishing trips to come.