Daiwa Bessie Floating


SKU: 620-309-02

Inspired by the story of Bessie, or the Lake Erie Monster, this bait is designed to help you take on the rigors of Muskie fishing and seek your monster. Sightings of the mysterious and terrifying Bessie date back as far as the 1700s and continue still to this day. Sightings seem to share a common theme- a mystical and unexplainable creature up to 50 feet long patrolling the waters of Lake Erie. Whether it is the product of urban legends, or a real creature lurking in the depths, the legend of Bessie has reached far and wide across Canada and the States. With the legend of the Lake Erie Monster in mind, we have designed a bait specifically for seeking your own monster out on the water. Muskie fishing has it’s fair share of superstitions and urban legends, so it fits perfectly in line with the prestige of a mysterious lake being cruising the shores looking for its next meal. Engineered with heavy duty components, the Bessie is built to stand up to the brutal and unforgiving conditions of chasing your personal best Muskie.

Custom Daiwa Extra Tough Parts, Molded Using Hand Carved Scale Pattern, Forward Facing Front Prop on Floating Model, Reverse Prop on SS and FS, Stainless Steel Blade for Added Vibration, Noise and Action, 4/0 Ultra Sharp Hooks, Realistic 3D Eyes. Floating Model!

6.5"  3.5oz.