Figure 8 The Bomb Spinnerbait


SKU: 320-495-01
 The Bomb spinnerbait is built like no other spinnerbait before. A double blade spinnerbait with the blades spinning in tandem one above the other, producing not only a thumping sound, but also a resonating "ticking" sound. When the blades hit each other, they will intermittently stop spinning allowing the bait to swing and move much like an injured baitfish. The blades will also reverse their spinning direction. The ball bearing swivels not only allow the blades to spin freely, but they also provide the versatility to the angler to change blade sizes and colors. The Bomb sports double #8 fluted blades on an .051 shaft, and held in place with a semi-wrap on the end to prevent swivel loss. Two 7/0 hooks produce consistently solid hook-ups. Additionally to the blade thump and tick, a magnum trailer grub is added to each spinnerbait providing not only a visual aid, but also more vibration.  Utilize a straight retrieve, jig it back over deep water, or helicopter it down a weed edge. No matter how it is presented, the blades are always working for you.
9" with tail  2.9oz.