Ivan Lures Crankster


SKU: 520-476-01

All Ivan lures are made from reclaimed Redwood. If you somehow manage to get through all that epoxy, it is resistant to water and won't get water logged. They all feature a dual tone built in belly knockers. Minimum 5 coats of two part marine epoxy, heavy musky screw eyes, minimum 125 lb split rings, Vmc hooks, hand carved and painted. All lures except the Dark Walleye and Midnight Cracked Ice glow with either a new white or classic green ( white for white lures green for green colors. Charge in the sun or with a UV light for up to an 8 hour charge. Glow features- Green- 8 to 12 hour glow on 15 minute charge from Sun, or UV flashlight. Belly knocker features- Belly knockers produce two different sound tones. One is a deep knock which will travel farther underwater than rattles. The second is a loud clack that gets their interest.

9” lipless crankbait for musky and pike. 5 to 8 foot dive depth. This bruiser loves to bash into anything and everything. Cast it out and either steady retrieve for a head down side to side wobble, fish it like a jerk bait and it will dive and dart around erratically, or slowly bounce it off those rocks and make some commotion, can also be fished as a dive and rise for in and out of cover. Esox assault 7.5” tails add an extra movement and balance out the action, to replace or change color simply pull tail off and slide a new one on with a few dabs of super glue on the post to secure it.

Vmc O’Shaugnessy bend 5/0 hooks with 125 lb #6 heavy split rings

#7 3x 270 lb split rings 

Built in belly knockers

Essox Assault 7.5” tail.

8.5" (Body only)  8.7oz.