Livingston Lures Flipper Jerk Bait-Fast Rise (3.7oz.)


SKU: 420-780-01

Pete Maina- “The Flipper evolved into a unique combination of the very successful shallow Livingston Lures crankbait/jerk bait 10″ long platform called the Jerk Master, just shortened a bit. We then added a specially designed rise and dive jerk bait metal tail. The new design creates an action, unlike any jerk bait I’ve ever used. The slow rise version had an unpredictable sliding, gliding, momentary suspending movement with a vertical/horizontal wobble followed by a slight hang time rise on the pause. During this critical pause/ hang time the sweet-talking of the EBS electronic baitfish sounds is proving to be a wildly effective combination!” Fast rise model!

10"   3.8oz.