Musky Safari Tackle Jack Hammer Bucktail


SKU: 320-422-01

This bait features a unique, one-of-a-kind mechanical clicker on the front blade assembly. The sound and vibration created by this clicker is incredible.
-the top and bottom blade assemblies can be interchanged with all other Jack Hammer bucktails your color combinations with this bait are many
-if you need to replace the hook, the rear blade assembly is transferable to your new hook
-the front and rear blades on this bait are purposely tuned to spin in opposite directions to reduce torque on the body. This makes the bait run “true” at high speeds.
-The Jack Hammer retrieves easily .... and can be fished all day without wearing you out and burning up reels. It’s the best of both worlds.... easy to fish and maximum vibration

9.5" 2.1oz.