Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD Series Reels


SKU: 220-659-02

Need your reel spooled?

Built to elevate confidence with the pinnacle of Shimano’s reel technologies, the Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD Casting Reel is the perfect choice for swimbait anglers looking for power and dependability when targeting trophy-caliber fish. Offering maximum control when tossing large glidebaits, oversized swimbaits, or lures that exceed 10-plus ounces, the revolutionary SVS MD Tune Braking system provides fine-tuned adjustments and minimizes backlashes in harsh conditions. Built to reduce vibration with a SilentTune S3D Spool, the Calcutta Conquest MD Casting Reel delivers quiet long-distance castability by applying slight pressure to the spool during high-speed rotation.

Featuring an all-new long handle design combined with Infinity Drive, these compact round reels deliver increased cranking power with a low-friction bushing that can actively wind under heavy loads and when coming tight on aggressive predators. Backed by Shimano’s premium Cross Carbon Drag to provide a wide range of drag settings, an exciting audible drag sound lets you know when to let the fish take some line. Pushing the limits beyond trophy bass and musky fishing, the Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD Casting Reel also features X-Protect technology for increased durability and corrosion resistance when chasing gamefish in saltwater environments. Both models have 40" per turn of line retrieval.


- SVS MD Tune
- Infinity Drive
- X-Protect
- MicroModule Gearing
- S-Compact Body
- S3D Spool
- S-ARB Bearings
- SilentTune
- Exciting Audible Drag Sound
- Cross Carbon Drag

Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.)

CTCNQMD400XGLHB Right 7.5:1 12.9 11BB + 1RB 14/260, 20/160
CTCNQMD401XGLHB Left 7.5:1 12.9 11BB + 1RB 14/260, 20/160