Savage Gear Line Thru Trout 10" Swim Bait

SKU: 420-155-01

The 10" size of the 3D Line Thru Trout V2 offers swimbait fishermen the ultimate realism in both appearance and swimming action appealing to a number of different predatory species of fish. Now available in this 12" size, big bait fishermen can target only the largest predators in their bodies of water. Anglers will find this bait's swimming motion to precisely mimic those prey. It's worth noting, there have been other swimbaits on the market that provided similar levels of realism, but were poorly received after anglers found their durability to be an issue. Savage Gear took that fully into consideration when engineering their line thru 3D trout. They utilized a nylon mesh throughout the bait that keeps it from tearing and enables it to withstand vicious strikes from big fish.

Slow sink rate

10"  6.0oz.