Spit Fire Triple Barrel Buckshot Alabama Rig


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The Spit Fire Triple Barrel Buckshot is the world’s first triple bucktail. The triple barrel buckshot is designed for domination in cold fronts, fishing pressured waters, and when muskies are negative or neutral. Its multi-arm design mimics a school of baitfish making it an easy target for hungry muskies.

The Triple Barrel Buckshot’s 3 - #8 Colorado blades design is excellent for slow rolling and medium pace retrieves as its massive thump grabs the attention of muskies.

The triple barrel is surprisingly easy to reel and the secret weapon you’ve been looking for. 3 - #8 Colorado blades & 3 - 5/0 treble hooks

These are so good they may be outlawed in your state...check your local regs!

10"  3.9oz.