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Overall Rating: 98.89%
Average Rating: 9.89/10
I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for all the help and assistance with gear and also for your expert advice! I had another great year in 2019. (Attached are pics of several of my fish.)
Please thank all of your staff. You all do a fantastic job and definitely have the #1 “Musky Shop” !!
As well, please wish all of your staff a very Merry Christmas and my prayers for a healthy, prosperous and productive 2020!
May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you…
Thank you guys for the quick shipping i receive it on the same week and it give me chance to get my PB here on the saint lawrence on the week end 54x25
Great people, Customer Service is awesome. If you need advice or concerns they will have an answer! Great products and the best service!
Michael Little
Thanks to Rollie and Helen's Musky shop. I put in an order and approx. three days later my order came in, just in time to use the bait last weekend. The results were amazing!!! Within 30 mins. of putting in the 11 inch Mike the Musky we had a release and after reeling in the bait we discovered what we thought/hoped were teeth marks on the rubber tail, so be put the bait back in, and in less than another 30 mins. we had another release on the same bait with landed a 52" musky. This bait is for real!!! And to make a fishing weekend even better, the following day we caught a 42" musky on the Musky Innovations Magnum Shallow Invader 09-UV golden sucker. These baits are productive, but I will also add that we followed R&H recommendation of putting a tail hook on the Invader. This was easy to do after purchasing the HitchHikers 1" Large and rigging up a harness to the second eyelet on the main body of the lure, and we are glad we did, because it was the tail hook that we rigged that brought the fish in. Both fish were released healthy and will hopefully continue to get bigger. Thanks again R&H..!!!


Mike & Chuck aboard the FinLander (With special thanks to Sam, the angler with the 52" Musky, his first ever Musky, and Tino, the angler on the 42", who's personal best is a 54" Musky).
Mike Kehoe
You guys are an awesome company ! Just wanted to let you know ! I watch today's angler religiously and I love it when they do tours of your shop! I love your custom colors in your chaos tackle I'll be ordering some soon !
Top notch service and I received my product 2 days after I ordered it. Doesn’t get much better than that. Thank you.
Amazing fast shipping. Ordered 2 revo beasts Thursday morning they are here Saturday morning. Thank you
Hi Jim,

Thank you and your staff for your usual exceptional service in fulfilling my orders. I have always found & appreciated that shopping with your store, in person or on-line, as a delightful and joyful experience. You and your staff are the best.


Hi Jay, was able to make it up there this last sunday and I just have to say i was very impressed with the shop. I drove up 4 hours with a buddy from Lake Geneva and we both had a great time. The staff was great and although i didnt catch any of their names i really appreciated all of their help as well as yours. Id been looking forward to making this trip for multiple months and you were all instrumental in making it a successful one. I went with the 8'6" Assault Stick SWAT 1pc, Shimano Tranx 400a, as well as a tackle box and lures to fill it. The only thing on my list that you were out of was the Shimano Power Handle but its no problem. I went from not having any serious musky equipment to being almost fully set up and i couldnt be more excited and appreciative. Thank you all for everything and i hope to be back soon. -Tom
Good morning John,
With the utmost sincerity, you and your team at Musky Shop truly provide the best customer service and appreciation of a customer I have ever experienced. You (Musky Shop) should be the model which every company, from small local family owned up to international behemoths, should strive to be like with their customers.
It is my pleasure to be a customer of yours.
Sincerely and with very best regards,

Proceed perfect customer service you will have my support n money for the rest of my musky/pike fishing needs
My names andy I’m emailing from the UK.

Just wanted to give you guys the big thumbs up! Think your website is fantastic. I’ve spent ages trying to find somewhere I can get decent gear for trophy fish.

Roll any stuff!
Just wanted to say thank you Jim and John for your (Welcome!) testimonial in the front of your 2018 Musky Shop catalog! I learned more about you and your mission statement for your company and am encouraged to know men of integrity are involved in a sport I, and many others have grown to love. Keep up the good work.
Bryan Potts
I have visited the musky two times now and both times you guys have been extremely helpful and kind. You are always able to help me figure out what lures I need. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to visit again!
G. C.
Thank you Jim for your kind words. Since 2000, I have enjoyed purchasing from your shop, both in Minocqua and at the Musky Expo at Harpers College, Palatine, IL. 9 years ago we moved out to AZ and I have not had as many opportunities to purchase as I did previously. Nevertheless, whenever I sought you and your staff's help either in store or over the phone, I have always been treated with the utmost courtesy, respect, excellent customer service and knowledgeable assistance. By far, you have the classiest, best fishing shop I have ever come across since I first started fishing in the late 50's.
Thanks for the update and I must congratulate you and your staff for the great customer service. I was called when an item wasn’t in stock that I ordered, and when I called a week later I was fully updated about when stock was arriving and promised it would be shipped as soon as it arrives !! Thankyou and all staff there at the musky shop your doing a great job I wish all businesses provided service like this!!
All the best for the future will be using and recommending the Musky Shop in the future.

Regards Scott
Thank you guys for the great service and speed in getting orders out!! You guys are fantastic!! Just got my order today that I NEVER thought in a million years would be here before I left on my fishing trip this afternoon!!

Thanks again,


Thank you! I just received package when I was home on lunch break. The lures look awesome! Can’t wait to try them out! Thanks for the fast shipping and quick response!!

Have a great day!

Hey guys, I turned a friend of mine onto your site last week after receiving my order of awesome lures. He just got a couple of nice spinners with Colorado blades within four days (just in time for weekend fishing). You guys are the best. Thanks again.
Your shop is amazing! My daughter just received the package that you sent for the musky tournament she is going to be have fueled a musky fever that I don't think will ever burn out!! Thank you so much! You have made her very happy...stay tuned...we will definitely send pictures of her fish she catches!! Thanks again!! Tracy ...proud mom of a future Musky Hunter!
Thank for your the quick shipping and the confirmation on my order via phone, to make sure I got the right items.
Customer service was first class!

Will shop with again!
Mike G
Hey Musky Shop,
This is another notch in you belt of GREAT customer service, to follow up on a customer question from 7 months ago….That is Outstanding!
Saw your pics on FB with your updating the bait area, looks promising, cant wait to see in person.
I also enjoyed the video of you & your staff showing off the NEW lines of lures coming out the year.
Again, thanks for the update….plan to place an order soon, just praying for open water for the opener now.

Wow thank you! I will tell everyone i know to shop at your store and as for myself I will supply all my musky needs with you. Best customer service I have ever experienced.
Thank you again, Jesse
I've been a customer since "around" 1991. NEVER have I been disappointed. Product choice and SUPER FAST DELIVERY are unmatched by anyone in the fishing merchandise industry. You guys are 100% awesome & amazing. Keep up the great work & May God Bless each of you. I AM A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE !!!
R. "Doc" D.
Thanks for giving me the information I asked for. The package was delivered but it was inside of my front door with I don't use so I didn't know it was there. Very sorry for not realizing this and to be contacting you guys. Your service was great and I appreciate the help with tracking my package. I will definitely be buying more products from you guys in the future.


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