Figure 8 Steve's TailGater Spinnerbait


SKU: 320-660-04

Steve’s TailGater is made to go where other lures fear to tread. While the TailGater excels as a straight retrieve spinner bait, it truly shines as a jerkbait. Ripping Steve’s TailGater like a standard rubber presentation creates a slow-falling helicopter effect from its no. 8 Colorado blade while the rear no. 4 willow spins fast and erratically on the fall.  Steve’s TailGater is perfect for ripping shallow weeds, rocks, and timber, as well as, in the skinniest creeks and streams. Attacking places where most lures would be instantly snagged is a breeze with Steve’s TailGater. Rip it, yo-yo it, or jig it.  Steve’s TailGater is made to pull muskies out of the thickest and nastiest places they swim. Designed by acclaimed musky guide Steven Paul and handmade in the USA by The Figure 8 Lure company.

10" (With rear blade)  2.8oz.