Fish Lab Bio-Shad Gizzard


SKU: 520-680-01

As a passionate lure designer and award winning product manager, Bill Siemantel has been chasing down bass for years. This year he combined his two loves to create the new FishLab BBZ Bio-Shad Gizzard which will lead you on your own adventure of catching that big fish! This year Bill Siemantel and Mike Bennette of FishLab Tackle combined to create the new FishLab BBZ Bio-Shad Gizzard affording you the opportunity to catch that double-digit bass of your own.

The FishLab BBZ Bio-Shad Gizzard Swimbait is a four-piece 6" swimbait that perfectly mimics the swimming action of both Gizzard Shad and Golden Shiners. These baits have great action on a straight retrieve or a pause and jerk retrieve. The BBZ Bio-Shad Gizzard will come standard with tournament-grade BKK treble hooks that keep big fish hooked and pinned so that you can get them to the boat or shore. These baits also feature a hybrid tail material for more of lifelike swimming action.

6"  2.0oz