Livingston Lures Viper 8 Lipless Crankbait


SKU: 520-281-01

The VIPER 8 combines the expertise of Team Livingston’s most knowledgeable swimbait and musky experts, and the unmatched predator attracting power of EBS technology. The result is an 8-inch bait with a slow-swimming profile that perfectly mimics the natural motion of forage fish. These attractive qualities are further enhanced by ultra-realistic color finishes and the unprecedented ability to change the actual biological sounds the bait emits through EBS! The Viper features an exclusive Variable Weight System, allowing you to fish in several different ways: just below the surface/topwater, suspended, or slow-rolled along the bottom where predatory species like oversized musky and pike simply can’t resist its natural call. The Viper is the perfect “Fish Catching Machine” for musky, pike, stripers, walleye, and more. It’s built with 2mm wire-through construction.

8"  6.25oz.