Musky Mayhem Mini Grenade


SKU: 320-505-01

Like the Grenade the new Mini Grenade does not disappoint. Just like the big one the  forward heavy tail bladed spinner was developed for deep weedlines and open water but preforms relatively weedlessly coming through shallow weeds. The Mini Grenade is 10.5 inches long and is built on .062 stainless wire. It has a triangular-shaped head in the front of the bait with two skirts, 2 - 4/0 hooks, and two No. 7 blades split-ringed to a single swivel in the rear of the bait. Over all the Mini Grenade weighs 4.5 oz. It’s designed to run deeper and stay more in the bite zone just like the bigger version with a smaller profile. The Grenade and Mini Grenade drop one foot a second when counting them down. A moderate retrieve will keep them in the same zone they were counted down to. The Grenade and Mini Grenade are great year round baits for both day time and night time fishing.