Phantom Lures Freak Topwater


SKU: 620-284-01

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Wildly different, the Phantom Lures Freak makes enough noise to rouse any musky or pike from its slumber. This jointed in-line topwater bait positively tears up the surface with its double-bladed tail section that you can custom-tune to achieve different sound patterns. Adding to the commotion: a precisely positioned belly hook that clacks against the rotating blades, creating a chattering undertone that drives fish crazy. Crafted from a high-impact resin and mounted on an unbendable thru-wire, the Freak fishes as easily as a premium wooden lure. Run it fast for frantic high-pitched, escaping baitfish sound, or slow it down to send out a low, rumbling thump that brings predators charging to the surface from as deep as 15'. Individually hand painted, factory-tuned, and tank tested for optimum action.

8" with hook   2.5oz.