Evergreen Baits Combat Rat



The Evergreen Combat Rat is an exceptionally realistic rat wake bait, meticulously designed for the modern angler. This lure stands out with its innovative swivel hook hanger, which significantly improves the hook-up and landing ratio, ensuring that once a fish bites, it stays hooked.

At its core, the Combat Rat features a stainless weight that not only provides excellent balance but also creates a distinctive one-knock sound, proven to attract fish from afar. The lure's dual-plated jointed system is a marvel of engineering, offering not just durability but also a unique squeaking sound that mimics natural prey movements in the water.

One of the most user-friendly features is the tail keeper wire, which securely holds the tail in place and allows for easy replacement when needed. This is complemented by the PVC tail, which includes an indication mark for straightforward, correct attachment every time.

But what truly sets the Evergreen Combat Rat apart is its keel design. This feature stabilizes the body, ensuring it swims correctly and upright, while also moving a substantial amount of water to create a lifelike wake and vibration. This combination of features in the Evergreen Combat Rat makes it a top-tier choice for anglers seeking a realistic, effective, and durable rat wake bait.

5.5" body   2.3oz