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Automatic Fisherman Package w/Light 27" Rod / Reel

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The AF27C unit was designed for fisherman that want to use something that is proven to work. We designed this system to catch pan-fish and most fish in shallow water. We believe we made one of the best fishing devices to help you catch more fish. The unit includes a 27" solid fiberglass Medium action rod with five guides. It also includes a 4 ball bearing reel with a great drag, winter lube and a fold down handle for easy storage. The rod was designed to catch smaller fish, but still has the strength and sensitivity to have a nice fight from the fish. This rod will catch big fish with no problem also it is very durable and has a 5yr warranty on it. We have added a new product that eliminates the line from freezing in the ice, it is called the Ice Stopper. The solution for the ice stopper product is included, it consists of a 8 oz bottle of -50 deg solution that goes inside the reservoir and stops the line from freezing in the ice hole it is amazing.
The AF27C is a great system for Perch, Crappie, Blue-gills, small northern, kokanee salmon, small trout, whitefish and bass.
(20 year REPLACEMENT WARRANTY ON THE RED BASE and trigger system)
( 5 year replacement warranty on the rod)
(1 year warranty on the reel)
As seen on Today's Angler!