Livingston Lures Titan Dive and Rise Bait


SKU: 420-777-09


The Titan is a revolutionary lure that makes jerk bait fishing as easy as turning the reel, putting trophy class fish within anyone's reach. Apex predators can't resist the dive and rise action coupled with its wobble on the pause. The Titan is the perfect presentation for Musky, Pike and other predatory game fish. The Titan's revolutionary design is the brainchild of acclaimed Musky Fishing guide Steven Paul and the Livingston Lures team. Their goal was to design a lure that works without so much WORK, allowing anglers to focus on what's important, putting fish in the net. The Titan can be controlled in a simple reel-pause-stop fashion to achieve the classic jerk bait presentation or operated with rod taps and pulls to make the lure dive and rise in new and exciting ways. The Titan has an easily replaceable cork screw mounted soft tail and includes an adjustable weight system allowing anglers to fish the titan at any depth or speed depending on conditions.

Livingston Lures EBS Technology electronically replicates the actual biological sounds made by baitfish in distress or a feeding frenzy. Scientific studies at Texas State University have proven that fish use both audible and perception to track and attack prey.  Natural sounds from our EBS are detected from outside visual range, doubling the effective strike-zone over traditional lures. 

8"  3.5oz.