Spanky Baits Big Angry


SKU: 320-488-01

The BIG ANGRY is simply incredible.

The new blade creates a wobble and thump that will not be matched!  

This is a (2) skirted bait that can be used for trolling or casting. 

This premier in-line spinner bait features a unique action FLASHABOU

These lures have a crazy action and attract fish in a big way. The vibration of the offset blades along with the visual addiction of the Flashabou makes this a lure that will go down in history.

  • Each bait is handmade in the USA!
  • .072" Stainless steel through wire, the heaviest you will find on any muskie lure.
  • Tied over a lock down collar and epoxied for maximum resistance against teeth.
  • No zip ties or rubber bands used here.
  • (2) Super Durable 7/0 treble hooks.
  • Nickel-plated hardware.
  •  #10 Magnum blade & The New 10/0 Indiana
  • Blades are .040" thick, they don't bend and big fish prefer them over thinner, cheaper blades.
  • 10.5"  3.6oz