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Spit Fire Big Norm Crankbait

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The Big Norm is an ultra-custom, hand-crafted lure form Spit Fire Musky Baits. Big Norms are made from select cedar, custom cut and hand polished aluminum lips and are finished with paint jobs that look good enough to eat.

Big norms are designed with a unique line tie that allows the baits to shake, shutter, and wander during the retrieve causing strike triggering action.

The Big Norms aluminum lip is perfect for jamming, ramming and slamming into rock reefs and anything else you can throw at it. The Big Norm can be worked shallow in the 1-4-foot range by keeping a high rod angle but can get down to the 5-8-foot depth by lowering your rod tip.

Big Norms are also a deadly trolling baits that have a ton of action and wander from speeds of 1.5 mph all the way up to 6mph.

10.5" w/tail  3.1oz.