G Ratt Kincanon Swimming Rat Surface Bait

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SKU: 620-061-06

The Kincanon Swimming Rat bait weighs 4.9 ounces and is 8″ inches of body plus 6″ inches of tail. A big fish wake bait. The bait has a very subtle and very realistic swimming motion. To swim the bait you make a long cast and slowly reel the bait for a realistic rat look. You can cast the bait past ambush points, down rip/rap walls and over submerged vegetation. If you twitch the bait, it will roll from left to right looking injured; that’ll draw big bites. This rat puts out a deep “knocking” sound due to the added weighting system.  The soft rubber tail adds more action to the bait. The bait comes with size 1/0 hooks paired with heavy duty split rings. The tails on both rats are fastened with a center pin spring which allows the customer versatility of tails.