Behind the Baits: Interview with Josh Recknagel from Reck N Rack

Behind the Baits: Interview with Josh Recknagel from Reck N Rack

Musky Shop May 16, 2022

A change of pace this week from our "Behind the Baits" blog as we reach out to a friend of the Musky Shop and champion of many anglers, Josh Recknagel, owner of Reck N Rack.  As we all know, one of the most important parts of musky fishing is not only the lures we love, but also the storage that hold our beloved tools and treasured baits.  Though relatively new to the musky industry, Reck N Rack, has certainly made a splash with products that hold up to the test on the water.  Reck N Rack produces an array of products that help keep our "on the water" lives organized.  We reached out to Josh so he could share a little more about his company and self.

Josh, What was the deciding push that made you want to start producing musky tackle storage?

It all started because my dad and I got into Musky fishing roughly 4-5 years ago and we’ve noticed a common theme amongst other anglers (guide fisherman, friends/family, etc.); all of our baits end up on the ground, boat, or wherever space can be found. This poses a safety concern to the everyday angler, along with damaging the lure and/or boat. That’s when my father and I came up with the lure rack. From there we’ve diversified with the other products that we offer today because of feedback we receive from the fishing community.

Who were your fishing influences as a young fisherman?

My dad – I believe this is due to my dad being brought up throughout his childhood taking fishing trips with his dad (my grandpa). The same tradition was brought down to me and ever since then I’ve been addicted to getting out on the water and wet my line.


What is the best Musky Fishing advice you've ever received?

When you move a fish on a figure-8 but doesn’t strike, don’t be afraid to change out lures and cast in that same spot. You’ve grabbed the fish’s attention and sometimes it’s just a matter of presenting a different lure that will intrigue the fish enough to strike.

What is your personal favorite Reck N Rack product?

The tacklebox: In today’s world, the amount of money invested in musky tackle is insane so why wouldn’t you want to invest in something to protect your gear. Plus, the tackle box serves more than just a storage container for your lure and tools, they also make a great extension to your casting deck for more real estate and or provide additional seating within the boat.

What is the number one requested product from Reck N Rack clients?

Underboss Pedestal Box

What is your favorite Musky water and Why?

To be honest, I don’t have a favorite water. Given how limited my time is to get out on the water, I am just happy to be out on the water whenever I find some time. Typically this ends up fishing waters near my house.


What is your personal best musky and the story behind it?

40” and it was my first Musky that I had ever caught. The fish destroyed my double cowgirl on a figure-8.


What are some of your other hobbies/pursuits outside of Reck N Rack?

Being able to hangout with friends/family or when the weather is nice enough, my wife and I will take the boat out. She will read a book and soak in the sun, while I cast away for the next PB musky. 

We'd like to thank Josh for taking some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for those who look over our blog.  It's important to the fisherman and woman that we serve at Musky Shop to know that a lot of our products are made by small business owners who greatly value the support from the fishing community.  Musky Shop is glad to put the spotlight on a great guy like Josh Recknagel and his family.  We hope that getting to know our awesome vendors and letting them help you solve your problems with tackle and storage, helps us all become better anglers.