Musky Shop Lake of the Month: Hasbrook Lake

Musky Shop Lake of the Month: Hasbrook Lake

Jodie Paul March 20, 2023

If you are familiar with the Northwoods, or maybe even touring the area, you’ve heard of Tomahawk Lake or the Rainbow Flowage.  Nestled in between these two behemoths is a small, but productive water that deserves its day in the sun: Hasbrook Lake.  Hasbrook Lake is 307-acre lake, just south of the Town of Woodruff.  If clear water is your favorite, take to the waters of Hasbrook on a cloudy day and see if you can land one of its trophy muskies.

Hasbrook Lake only boasts a combined 4.4 miles of shoreline, so getting around it in a day is no problem.  With the abundance of heavily toured waters nearby, you might find yourself a breath of untainted air, away from the boat lane traffic.  Hasbrook offers many fish cribs along the shoreline, and also some rock bars providing interesting structure for sure.  The path around the lake is simple with no major hazards of note. 

Hasbrook Lake reports to be lovely clear water, perfect for fishing in the rain or a cloudy afternoon.  Some may find it harder to land a musky on a bluebird day as the muskies could look you square in the eye.  The lake bottom is a nice sandy rock, so you couldn’t truly stir it up if you tried.  The public boat ramp is at the Southwest corner and is well maintained for the average boater.  It launches directly across from some interesting looking small islands with the bowl of the lake sitting Eastward. Most of the shoreline of Hasbrook is state owned so there's very little competition with the natural vistas.

The main bowl of Hasbrook drops down to a significant 50 feet deep, leaving much to the imagination about what’s bumping on the bottom, but stick to the cribs and troll around the drop off if you want to catch our favorite target: musky.  Outside of long and lean muskellunge, Hasbrook Lake holds a good deal of Smallmouth, Perch, and some Walleye for multispecies anglers.  Therefore, it’s inviting enough for any fishing family.  Also, if you are a lover of flyfishing, this is a great place to catch all species over weeds and cribs.

Around the area of Hasbrook Lakes, you can really take your pick of Campgrounds, RV spots, and standard hotels.  As you are only a stone’s throw from the towns of Lake Tomahawk, Minocqua, Woodruff, and St. Germain, you can rest assured that there are plenty of places to get a bite to eat or a cool drink.  Hasbrook Lake seems to pick up the pace of anglers in Fall, so get out on the water early in the season if you really want to feel secluded.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the Musky Shop for some amazing tackle and friendly service.