Musky Shop NorthWood's Lake of the Month: Upper & Lower Buckatabon

Musky Shop NorthWood's Lake of the Month: Upper & Lower Buckatabon

Jodie Paul July 11, 2022

Last month’s lake, Ike Walton Lake, was a hidden gem with very little in the way of vacation rentals or dining options allowing its scenic beauty to shine, but for this month we take a different route to highlight a lake with a history of family friendly fun, Upper and Lower Buckatabon Lake. 

Buckatabon Lake is situated North East of Musky Shop in Minocqua in the town of Conover, Wisconsin.  Even though it’s a bit of a drive, the guides still provide services there as it is a lake that has it all.  Buckatabon is a 493-acre lake with a max depth of almost 50 feet.  The lake itself is special as it is a combo of Upper (which sits South) and Lower (which sits North) Buckatabon Lakes that connect with a small channel. 

The lake is a great place for multispecies and musky trips as it’s well loaded down with all of the fish you would hope to find in the Northwoods.  Buckatabon hosts musky, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Northern pike and panfish galore.  The fishing is spectacular and rod benders as well as trophy hunters alike can find what they are looking for in this lake.  Lower Buckatabon offers a darker weedier fishing environment perfect for use of Northland Tackle Reed Runners, Buchertail Slopmasters, and a variety of lipless shallow cranks.  Upper Buckatabon is a different animal, however.  It has a deeper, clearer environment perfect for fishing break lines by slow rolling bucktails like Mepps Musky Flashabou, pulling and jigging rubber such as Restless Riders or Red October Tubes

Because these lakes are heavily laden with forage fish, muskies usually take the most interest in natural bait colors so leave your chartreuse at home and the breaks off of the islands of Upper Buckatabon hold a good deal of hungry muskies. If it’s panfish you’re after, by all means bring some flash to get their attention.  No matter what you are looking for, you can find it on this lake with the right tackle and tools. 

If you get the chance to visit Lake Buckatabon, the public boat ramp is on the South End of Upper Buckatabon with a perfectly acceptable paved launch, great for almost any fishing vessel and abundant parking is situated there.  Travelers who plan to stay at the many Resorts spread along Lower Buckatabon Lake are even more in luck.  All of the resorts and stays here offer a variety of outdoor activity space and some even provide boat rentals.  Several of the resorts, such as Bauer’s Dam Resort or Buckatabon Lodge, even have a restaurant with excellent food to keep you from having to travel to town.  There are a wide range of stays from cabins to tent campgrounds around the lakes to host any type of traveler.  For those more internet savvy guests, you can even find private lodgings available on Airbnb.

Upper and Lower Buckatabon, located in Conover, WI, can be described as a great lake destination for any traveler or fisherman.  There are family friendly resorts and plenty of water to locate a lunker.  This lake is a great recommendation for new comers to the Northwoods as it is not likely to disappoint for all of its scenic beauty and also, it’s dining, outdoor entertainment, and lodgings.  Give it a try and get back to us at the Musky Shop with your experiences.  You can gear up with us before you travel for baits in the mail or stop by for one-on-one recommendations from the best guides in the Northwoods.