MUSKY SHOP TV: Twitch Darter Wisconsin Musky Fishing

Musky Shop TV Musky Fishing

October 05, 2021

On this weeks episode, finding pelagic bait fish in post frontal conditions leaves the boys with no other option other than hitting all levels of potential targets.  Fishing in groups means that all rods on the boat need to be throwing something that reaches these bait clouds at a different angle or depth. 

Mixing up your offerings to these toothy critters will often lead to a strike from nothing more than keeping your bases covered.  If they want big rubber, you've got it.  If they want mid size, mid depth cranks, you've got it.  And if they want a downsized lure in the top five feet, you've got that too. 

It's super important to keep things moving in the right direction by covering all the angles and keeping muskies interested with your presentation.  Watch as the guys pull in a nice musky and discuss tactics and tips for utilizing the Big Fork Twitch Darter.