Night Fever Muskies 101!

Night Fever Muskies 101!

Staff Account October 08, 2021

Fall is a feeding frenzy for muskies preparing for a long winter.  As the water temperatures are slowly dropping, the muskies appetite for tasty treats is increasing and this increase in activity provides anglers with a great time to boat a trophy class beast.

Though the seasons are changing and the waters are cooling down, activity on the lake can be at an all time high.  Competition for spots during the morning and afternoon hours can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth every weekend.  And don't even think about launching your boat on a holiday, better luck going to your neighbors cookout!  Don't fret though because the bite really doesn't end at 7pm, muskies still prowl around at night lurking and waiting for whatever might come there way.

Targeting night muskies might just be the ticket this Fall when you want to feel like your miles away from the crowd.  Plan a late night, pack some cold cuts and settle in for some low light casting with no sound but the birds.  Night muskies hold to the shallows, or vegetation.  As they slow down for the evening, they tend to find a good amount of cover in the warmer water of bays.  Getting the attention of these critters can be difficult as they are visual hunters, but choose an obnoxious presentation and you're on your way.  If they can't see what they're to eat, you can annoy them into taking a swipe. Try a Musky Mayhem Tackle Double Cowgirl Bucktail or Chaos Tackle Husky Medussa to move a ton of water or create a buzz.

Successful anglers will tell you that boat organization is key at night as well, you don't want to be kneeling on hooks and tripping on rods, so put everything in it's place before you haul your catch up for its photo. Keep a headlamp at the ready for landing your trophy as well. 

Lastly, for the most success pay attention to the lunar calendar, muskies seek the full moon for full bellies.  It might be the gravitational pull or it might be the additional light for seeking prey, but either way, there is truth to the tale.  Don't let the sun go down on musky fishing without giving the night a try this fall.  If you catch a monster, keep us updated at Musky Shop.

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