VMC Crossover Pliers & Rings



O-rings for wacky rigging are so last week. The innovative VMC® Crossover Pliers™ give you an incredibly easy way to create the perfect rig. The system is based on the use of VMC Crossover Rings™ to secure your plastic bait to the hook; the pliers come with four 6mm Rings (additional sizes not included), ready for rigging. Made of hard plastic, the spring-loaded pliers are specially designed to stretch the resilient Ring and position it perfectly onto a soft plastic bait, then withdraw cleanly; simply attach the hook, and your rig is complete and ready to fish—a very quick and easy operation. Plus, you can store additional Rings and components in built-in compartments inside the handles, to save time on the water. Lightweight and durable, VMC Crossover Pliers are an essential tool for any finesse angler's utility box.

  • Makes creating the perfect wacky or Neko rig easy
  • Lightweight hard-plastic construction
  • Spring-loaded for easy 1-hand operation
  • Special jaws for opening and positioning Crossover Rings
  • Built-in handle compartments for tackle storage