Livingston Lures Big Makk Surface Bait



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The Big Makk from Livingston Lures is ready to attack monster muskies, pike and predatory game fish anywhere they swim. The Big Makk is the toughest top water ever to hit the water with stainless steel components and high-density construction means its ready rumble with the toughest fish.  

The Big Makk features the Livingston Lures “Ever Tune Tail” that will not bend or go out of tune guaranteeing that it has the perfect “plop” sound every time it hits the water.  The perfectly dialed “plop” of the Livingston Lures Ever Tune Tail coupled with built in EBS technology makes the Big Makk one of the loudest lures to hit the water, but just to kick things up a notch the Big Makk also incorporates a stainless-steel ticker that adds ticks and clicks as it bounces erratically off of tail prop.  

The Big Makk features custom designed hand painted finishes that are durable and will not peel or flake and will hold up for years of abuse The Big Makk takes topwater design to the next level with its No Roll lip cut design which acts as a keel keeping the Big Makk running perfectly even at high speeds. This No Roll keel coupled with the fact that the Big Makk’s tail prop rotates counterclockwise means nothing sounds like, nothing runs like and nothing hits as hard as Big Makk.

5.5" body only, 8" overall  3.1oz

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