Northland Gum-Ball Jigs



This classic round head jig is back. Featuring a blood red hook, molded bait keeper and appropriately sized eyelets. The Gum-Ball Jig comes in 12 colors and 8 sizes, so you can have a Gum-Ball Jig for every situation. Northland Fishing Tackle’s Gum-Ball Jig features high-end components at a value price offering when compared to traditional Ball-Head jigs. Its lead jig collar provides balance to the jig and holds on soft plastics and live bait. They feature gold plated hooks with a blood red finish that are custom designed so the tie eye fits flush with the head.

  Premium quality “Ball Head” molded around a blood red hook 

Painted with vibrant fish attracting colors 

Bait Saver” collar securely holds soft plastics and live bait

 6 per pack on 1/32 and 1/16 oz

5 per pack on 1/8oz

4 per pack on 1/4oz